Current Favorite Nude shade at Bedashing Beauty

With fashion and beauty trends now tipping towards the minimalistic and clean, nail trends have also seen a shift towards more natural looks.

This may not be new, but we’ve concluded that the most popular look across most Bedashing Beauty Lounges is a timeless nude (in all shapes, sizes, and forms!)

Our current most popular shade with clients is a light nudey cocoa mauve shade;

Essie Ladylike is such a gorgeous and sophisticated shade that is so appropriately named. What sets this polish apart is its impeccable formula—a gel formulation that not only lasts for days without chipping but also proves gentle on nails during soak-off.

To make it last even longer, try a Bedashing Russian Manicure for photoshoot ready nails!

Because of its versatility as a shade, Essie Ladylike complements all skin tones and works with most nail shapes – but we think Almond Nails + Nude Polish is the winner combo! It gives you a naturally elevated Manicure look, ideal for special occasions, but equally wearable on a daily basis.

Bonus: This combo also works beautifully with white tips for an elongated French Manicure effect!

For those seeking a subtle yet refined Manicure, Essie Ladylike is the ultimate choice.