SIRR Hair Perfume by TB+ |  A Collection of Unique Scents Redefining Self-Discovery

SIRR, is the Arabic word for ‘Secret,’ and symbolizes the amalgamation of the Emirates’ multicultural essence and how we as individuals from all walks of life, come together as one.

The collection delves into the exploration of this secret through four distinct scents, each unfolding a unique narrative that evokes a profound sense of belonging and divine femininity.

TB+ invites you to escape into an enchanting journey of self-discovery and unveil the magic of SIRR to the world.

Each scent within the SIRR Hair Mist collection has been carefully curated to tell its own compelling story, depicted through an alluring array of nuanced and narrative-driven notes. The collection introduces:

BELLA: Ethereal, soft, and dreamy, inspired by the allure of Tuscan hills, promising a sun-kissed escape.

NARA: Feminine, sweet, and divine, evoking everlasting purity and lingering in cherished memories.

KAIA: Curious, indulgent, and blissful, inspired by soulful adventures, reflecting a free-spirited nature.

LEILA: Sophisticated, warm, and rich, drawing inspiration from the mystery of a dark desert night, captivating and charming with its enigmatic aura.

“Everybody has a secret… What’s yours?” invites the collection, teasing a sense of intrigue and personal revelation.

SIRR Hair Mist by TB+ is now available for purchase, exclusively at Bedashing Beauty Lounges, referred to by its distinctive name and character, is priced at AED 195. However, for those seeking to experience the essence of multiple narratives, a special offer awaits—purchase two scents for AED 350.