How we do it

Our efficient Beauty Squads provide services that instill confidence in women to ensure that they look and feel their best. With our Bedashing Chair and Bed we provide our clients with a one stop beauty experience, designed for multifunctional services that allow the busy women to maximize their time spent in our lounges.

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Bedashing chair

BeDashing Chair - BeDashing Beauty

Mobile Hair Basin

Reclining Chair for:

Eyebrow Shaping

Lash Extensions

Express Facial

Built-in pedicure basin

Built-in Manicure Area

Our Chair

Our signature Bedashing Chair, created by Noor Al Tamimi, has been designed specifically with our clients in mind and is available exclusively in Bedashing Lounges. Created to be multi-fabulous, with her passion, precision and attention to detail it allows our clients to both save time and to be more comfortable. Our unique Bedashing Chair offers: hair wash, blow dry, manicure and pedicure, facial, brow shaping, threading and eyelash treatments simultaneously.

bedashing bed

BeDashing Bed - BeDashing Beauty Lounge

Built-in Pedicure Basin

Accessible Area for Manicure

Head Rest

Express Facials

Lash Extensions

Brow Shaping

Comfortable Bed for

Full Body Waxing

Our Bed

Our unique, multi-functional Bedashing Bed allows our clients to take advantage of an array of beauty treatments in the privacy of our treatment rooms and in total comfort. Looked after by our Beauty Squads, our Bedashing Bed offers: facial, lash extensions, manicure, pedicure, full body waxing, halawa and brow shaping.