A decade revolutionizing the world of beauty

Since 2008, Bedashing has been fashion forward with a daring, yet sophisticated approach to beauty. With unique service and pioneering products, we continue to stand out against our competitors, creating trends and standards in the beauty industry.

A brand behavior both dynamic and confident

Our Bedashing Beauty Lounges are where individuality is embraced, satisfying our clients’ evolving needs with a trusted beauty brand. Generating customer loyalty throughout the region, due to our precision, efficiency and innovative approach, we continue achieving strong financial results.

High Value Investment Proposition

With the capital efficient BE INVESTED model, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a proven track record. High cash margin on sales will give you profits in 3-6 months with a solid return on investment in only 2-3 years.

BE Invested…BE Bedashing

Open Your Own Franchise

If you are interested to become a franchisee, contact us at or check our FAQ and submit your details.

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