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For the love of beauty
and the beauty of love

BEDASHING [beh-dash-ing] is a modern, trendsetting beauty lounge esteemed for its award-winning beauty services and unique ambience.

Our lounges offer complete beauty experience where guests are pampered with the latest beauty treatments by
our cheerful and professional
staff in a joyful environment.

About Us at Bedashing Beauty

Company Profile

Started in 2008 as Dashing Nails, our company's recent rebranding is in line with our vision of expansion to serve a wider market across the region. Our dynamic and innovative management team understands the beauty needs of modern women.

How are we unique? Bedashing Beauty Lounge has been placing itself in a unique category compared to other beauty lounges in the market. We are trendsetters, offering the next big experience in beauty. Bedashing Beauty Lounge has been recognized and awarded for its creativity and quality standards. Most importantly, we have our own state-of-the-art training academy to ensure that our staffs are updated with the latest techniques by our professional trainers. Moreover, we offer a complete professional and social experience under one roof to deliver the best results to our staff and clients. Bedashing Beauty Lounge is prompt and consistent in every aspect of service, with professional staff members who are motivated and passionate. All these, in an ambiance unlike any other.

Company Purpose

The purpose of launching Bedashing Beauty Lounge is to spread confidence among women. We are spreading confidence through offering our clients unique services, products and treatments that make them look good and increase their self-confidence. Moreover, if a woman looks good, she will definitely feel good about herself. Additionally, Bedashing helps women become financially independent by offering job opportunities and the franchise program which can teach them to become independent and confident.

Our Guests

Our guests are modern, open-minded and progressive women who expect to receive the best quality beauty products and services. They are trendy, busy professionals or homemakers, but what unites them is a desire to look glamorous and feel beautiful inside and out.

Concept and Experience

Our brand experience is more than just a logo or identity. The modern woman is continuously on the lookout for what is trending and happening around the world. She is exposed to global beauty industry movements and we offer her a beauty fashion world while maintaining the fun and pampering essence of BEDASHING. According to Li Edelkoort, renowned trend forecaster, the fashion industry will get more surreal. We believe beauty and fashion can be a mix of fact and fantasy, practicality and indulgence � creating art in its own right. Therefore, our brand conveys a surreal yet beautiful and state-of-the-art feeling.

Awards & Recognition

Throughout the years, Bedashing Beauty Lounge has received many awards for the unique nail services we offer our clients. In 2011, we got 1st & 2nd place for Tip Overlay and the 4th place for Manicure in �Nail It Competition By OPI at Beauty Worlds Middle East.� Then, in 2013, we got 1st and 2nd place for Tip Overlay Liquid & Powder, 2nd place for Nail Art and 2nd place for Tip Overlay Gel. Moreover, in 2014, we got 1st place for Soak Off Gel, 2nd place for Sculpting Liquid & Powder and 2nd place in Nail Art. Later on in 2015, Bedashing was recognized as the Best Hair Salon in Abu Dhabi in the �What�s On� awards. And lately, Bedashing was recognized as the Best Nail Bar in Abu Dhabi in the �What�s On� awards of 2016.

In addition to that, we again took the 1st & 2nd place in Sculpting Gel, Manicure, and Soak Off Gel for the year 2015. As you can see from these records, Bedashing was always able to conquer the first and second prizes in the �Nail It Competition By OPI.�

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